More than 3.5 million views!

Super Cops Targets was played by 3.5 million players, in a timespan of nine months after the release. This means that Super Cops Targets is the most succesfull game we made so far!

Super Cops: Targets is a fast paced arcade shooter. It is a tribute to the famous arcade shooter: Virtua Cop 2. It is your job, as Mr. Justice, to kill all enemies in the game and get a great highscore.

You can play the game here: Super Cops Targets

Special Fishy

Maybe you’ve played a game like this before somewhere on some other website. It’s quite a familiar concept. You’re a fish. Even though you’re a fish that would normally only eat algae you’re desperate! All algae are gone, something evil has taken away all your food. So I guess there’s nothing you can do but die…. Unless… What if you can use your small teeth for an other purpose, like for example eating other fish? They won’t expect it from you, looking so innocent, so maybe you can surprise them! Watch out though, because you’re not the only one with trouble finding food.

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