Night Shade: Out of Reach

You’re a Ninja on the run. You have to stay ahead of enemies that are after your head while dodging obstacles and taking out enemies on your path. Be sure to follow the tutorial, it’s quick and painless but it does give you information you need.

This movie requires Flash Player 9

The game is controlled with the following keyboard keys:

Arrow UP: Jump or move up in the menu
Arrow DOWN: Roll or move down in the menu
Arrow LEFT: Decrease game speed or modify setting in the menu
Arrow RIGHT: Increase game speed or modify setting in the menu

A: Fight a close range opponent with your dagger
S: Throw a shuriken
D: Dive through obstacles, like barbwire fences

The A, S and D keys are also used in optional quicktime events that allow you to score additional points. For those that enjoy game achievements and unlockables, this game has several character skins you can unlock and a list of challenges to complete.

We hope you like it. Beware though, the game isn’t easy.

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